Patrik Kisucky

Patrik Kisucky

Patrik started his videography career with Ken Golden, production manager, associate producer, and line producer on many theatrical feature films. During that time, Patrik gained invaluable experience as a professional videographer and video producer. 
Since then, Patrik has taken his knowledge & expertise and applied it to his own work such as event videography, corporate videos, interviews, business meetings, and sports.


Patrik has spent over half a decade as a professional videographer, bringing a wealth of professionalism to his work and to his clients. His slick, smooth style makes viewers forget they’re watching a video and feel as if they are actually in the moment.


Dear Patrick,

Thank you so much for a beautiful love story, you’ve made from our wedding day!
We watched the video many times, and Kamali got actually very emotional watching it.
Thank you again,

Claudia and Kamali


Dear Patrik,

I don’t know how, but you captured more than just the words, and the pictures. You captured the anticipation, the joy, the relief, the humor, and the feeling of love and friendship that was so prevalent through the night. You captured the essence of our day in a way I never dreamed possible. Thank you for all your work and creativity.

Kathryn and Michael



Bravo! Amy couldn’t be happier with the video. Everybody just loved it, you saw so many things, we didn’t even see that day. You are such a perfectionist, I’m thoroughly grateful.

Marc and Amy

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